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Thank you to everyone who has sponsored an animal from all of us at Linton Zoo.
Your support is most appreciated as it makes our quest to improve our environment by means of animal welfare and education that little bit easier. Every year, we strive to improve upon the work done in previous years by updating and improving our animals’ habitats and raising awareness of their cousins’ predicament in the wild.

Rueppell's Griffon Vulture

Sean Robinson of Earles Colne, Colchester

Hooded Vulture

James Hall of Wisbech

Southern Ground Hornbill

Phoebe Sanders of Petersfield

Great Grey Owl

The Faulconbridge-Van Meerten Family of Haverhill

Great Grey Owl

The Faulconbridge-Van Meerten Family of Haverhill

Great Grey Owl

Sue Duffield of Bishops Stortford

Turkmenian Eagle Owl

John Ramsey and Amy Farn of Duxford

Ben and Holly Fox of Welwyn Garden City

Turkmenian Eagle Owl

Martin Catchesides of Helions Bumpstead

Barn Owl

Edith Covey of Boston, USA

Snowy Owl

Mr and Mrs Jewell of Twyford

Snowy Owl

Charlotte Miles of Horseheath

Harriet Lowman of Ely

Striated Cara Cara

Sam Edgar of Little Walden

Laughing Kookaburra

Mr & Mrs Trevor and Katy Bates of Great Abington

Laughing Kookaburra

Bob Crowley and Julie McCreadie of Beaumont cum Moze
in memory of Keith Biggerstaff

and Mr & Mrs Trevor and Katy Bates of Great Abington

White Cheeked Turaco

Thomas Bremer of Niskayuna, NY

Julie Batchelor of Linton

Franco Vago (UK) Ltd in memory of Lydia Benbrook

Yellow Shouldered Amazaon Parrot

Sean Robinson of Earles Colne, Colchester

Mel Burbridge of March

Edie Ash of North Yorkshire

Kevin Brown of Longstanton

Blue and Gold Macaw

Molly Walker of Cambridge

Blue Throated Macaw

Rosemary J Rollason of Cottenham

Blue Throated Macaw

Scarlett Walker of Cambridge

Blue Crowned Laughingthrush

Sean Robinson of Earls Colne, Colchester

Australian Shelducks

Colin Davies of Whittlesford

In loving memory of Acacia Robinson,
aged four months of Braintree and Australia.
Life goes on and so will you,like the tree after which you were named.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Jake Farrimond of Great Chesterford

African Grey Parrot

Benjamin Rawlins of Royston

African Grey Parrot

Rosemary J Rollason of Greenwich


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