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We have pledged our support to the Snow Leopard Trust, founded in 1981 it is the world's leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered snow leopards and we have signed up to their National Partnership Programme (NPP).

The NPP offers the unique opportunity for zoos and their visitors to get directly involved with the highest priority in-situ conservation and research programmes in snow leopard range countries.

Centurio, our male

Known throughout the world for its beautiful fur and elusive behaviour, the endangered snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is found in the rugged mountains of Central Asia. Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the cold, barren landscape of their high-altitude home, but human threats have created an uncertain future for the cats. Despite a range of over 2 million km², there are only between 4,000 and 6,500 snow leopards left in the wild.

While the snow leopard is a top predator in its mountain ecosystem, human activities pose serious threats to these cats and their habitat.

The Snow Leopard Trust works directly with the people sharing snow leopard habitat to find solutions that help both people and wildlife alike.

Lhamo, our female
Doing what cats do best, sleep!

© Snow Leopard Trust, a wild snow leopard caught on a camera trap


  • Poaching fur for garment making and bones for use in traditional Asian medicine,
  • Captured for private animal collections in Central Asia,
  • Retribution killings for snow leopards killing domestic livestock,
  • Loss of habitat due to farmers increasing their land so they can hold larger herds of livestock,
  • Mining activities cause severe ecological damage that forces snow leopards and their prey to relocate,
  • Lack of resources. Enforcing the laws that protect snow leopards can come with a high cost and it is difficult to catch poachers in the remote and rugged habitat where snow leopards live.

Through sponsorships of our pair of snow leopards Lhamo and Centurio and thanks to you our visitors and many supporters around the world for donations to our conservation charity, we have already been able to contribute $1000 US to the Snow Leopard Trust, to help fund important field conservation projects which will help to keep these beautiful creatures thriving in the wild. April 2013

To find out more about the work carried out by the Snow Leopard Trust visit their website www.snowleopard.org

For every NPP Snow Leopard Sponsorship Pack taken out with us, we will donate 50% to the Snow Leopard Trust. Captive breeding programmes are also important as a safety net and may be able to provide animals for re-release in the future.

Our pair Centurio and Lhamo have a breeding recommendation from the European Breeding Programme Co-ordinator, so with the prospect of cubs on the way, a new upgraded and modern snow leopard habitat is being planned for our pair, a major fund-raising campaign is underway to make this possible.

Lhamo, at home in the snow!

© Snow Leopard Trust, a nosey wild snow leopard investigates one of the camera traps.


  • Annual sponsorship of either Centurio or Lhamo our snow leopards which runs for a year from a start date you choose. Sponsorship includes certificate, photographs of your chosen cat, your name on an enclosure plaque and our website.
  • 2 adult admission tickets to Linton Zoo valid until 31st December 2013.
  • News mailings throughout the year.
  • Membership of Friends of Linton Zoo.

To sponsor one of our snow leopards just call us on 01223 891308
or visit our website www.lintonzoo.com


Over 2,000 well known stores will donate up to 15% of what you spend to our conservation fund. The great thing is it won't cost you any more, plus there's lots of voucher codes and special discounts so you can actually save money while you help us. It takes just 2 minutes to register, then each time you shop online just visit the online stores via the Easyfundraising website and start raisisng money. Whether shopping for groceries, DVDs, clothes, holidays or house insurance you're bound to find a great deal, so give it a go!
Rather than throwing your empty printer ink cartridges away, just pop them in one of our recycling envelopes and drop them in a post box. They can also recycle mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and Sat Navs. In just the first 6 months we raised £237.75 just from items returned in our recycling envelopes. You can collect your envelopes from the gatehouse or call 0117 3042390 to get some sent to you.
It may not seem like much, but as they say every little helps. By donating your used stamps to us we can raise extra income for our Conservation Fund. Stamps need to be torn from their envelope with the a border of paper and ideally the post office printed franking stamp too. Get your office, friends and relations to save them for us, remember each handful soon adds up to a kilo we can sell. Posting them to us is fine but you can also drop them at the gate when you are passing or visiting. Share our Facebook post from 3rd April with all your friends to get the word out!
Or, if you would like to make a donation towards the cause but do not wish to sponsor a Snow Leopard, then debit card payments can be taken over the phone by calling 01223 891308, or you can send a cheque made out to ‘Linton Zoo Conservation Fund’ to us at Linton Zoo, Hadstock Road, Linton, Cambridgeshire, CB21 4NT.
We thank you very much, as together we really can make a difference
and help to keep these beautiful creatures in the place they so rightfully belong, in the wild!
Our lovely Lhamo really knows how to pose for photographs!


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